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Adam Manguno

Adam is a registered investment advisor representative who is passionate about helping goal-oriented individuals, families, and small businesses achieve their financial dreams. With a comprehensive planning approach, Adam takes the time to truly understand what is most important to his clients, and he tailors his strategies to align with their unique goals.

Adam's expertise extends across various areas of financial planning, including estate planning strategies, tax planning, insurance planning, income planning, and investment planning. He believes that a holistic approach is crucial in helping his clients navigate the complexities of their financial lives and make informed decisions.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys traveling with his family and exploring new cultures. He finds joy in learning new foreign languages and immersing himself in different communities around the world. Along with his love for financial planning, Adam's diverse interests in travel and cultural exploration bring a unique perspective to his approach in helping clients achieve their financial goals.

Additionally, Adam has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys exploring the beauty of the Rocky Mountains throughout the year, especially during ski and snowboard season. As a native of New Orleans, LA, he also has a love for discovering new food scenes and indulging in culinary adventures. Adam's well-rounded interests and dedication to comprehensive financial planning make him a trusted advisor for those seeking a strategic and goal-oriented approach to their financial future.